Here is a Spotify Playlist of all the song used in DeadMan's Reach:
Voila une playliste Spotify de toutes les chansons utilisees dans DeadMan's Reach:

DeadMan's Reach Playlist

Unfortunatly there is no Beatles or Led Zepplin songs on spotify

Malheureusement il n'y a pas de chanson des Beatles ou de Led Zep sur spotify

So I choose a cover that wouldn't make your hears bleed... Or not as much...

Alors j'ai choisit des reprises, ca devrait etre les moins pires...

Also, "Black Hole Sun" should be the version by handsome Hank and his lonesome boys,

Aussi, Black Hole Sun devrait etre jouee par "handsome Hank and his lonesome boys"

"Cold blooded Old times" should be played by Smog,

Cold Blooded Old Time devrait etre jouee par Smog,

And before "Don't you (forget about me)"

Et avant "Don't you (forget about me)"

there should be "Loving you was like a party" by Marlena Shaw

Il devrait y avoir "Loving you was like a party" by Marlena Shaw

But apparently this song doesn’t exist on spotify...

Mais apparemment cette chanson n'existe pas sur spotify...

Anyway enjoy!

Bref, profitez!

DeadMan's Reach Playlist