Ok, Just for once I'm gonna post something I have nothing to do with!

Celine (Groovy Sushi) just finished here Short Film: CountDown.

It is absolutely brilliant.

2 years in the making, almost totally on her own. And it shows: Each frame is a Master Piece!
Each shot is beautifully framed, coloured and animated.  She manages to give us emotion about steal and computers. Using the greatest character of all: a space rocket!

I followed the process during those 2 years and I'm still Surprised and Amazed. It's the best short film I've seen in a while.

She says " I must also quote the speech of JFK ( )"  where JFK says "we choose to go to the moon [...] and do those other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard". Anyone in Animation will know that what she has done is definitively NOT EASY so:

Congrat Celine!

Here is the link:

Directing/design/animation/composting : Céline Desrumaux
Additionnal character animation : Florent Remize
Music : "Granulard bastard" from Apprat.

Céline :
Florent :
Music :