3. First Shots

Week two is finished and I am already late on the planing! Mainly due to the excitement of receiving, signing, packing and posting the books. Greatly due to the promotion tour of the book which involved a lot of celebration beers!

Never the less I've changed my approche to the animatic. I was originally going to draw one drawing per shot, edit and then, later, add extra drawings to make actions clearer. I don't think it would have worked. Instead I've drawn all the key action from the begining.  I have storyboarded a bit more than half the film.

I did that in order to edit only once and to not have to spend an entire week on the computer. I will share the day between computer (scanning cleaning of  the storyboard, after effect "Animation" and editing) and hand drawing.

I've edited a small sequence to give you an idea of what I am aiming for. Music is a cover of soft cell's Tainted Love by Ben Franklin JR, who will be the voice of the main character, Jimmy.

Watch On Vimeo

[vimeo 42550983 w=500 h=281]