4. Design and References

I'm quite happy with last week progress, I finished editing the first half of the animatic. It's already 6min30. I will probably need to cut it down a bit. I am planing to have a full animatic by wednesday night. I edited with a lot of attention to sound. I think sound is a really good way of getting the film rhythm going, not only for the audience, but for future animation.

Let's say the character crosses the screen walking. I only drew two poses. To time how many seconds each picture should be on-screen would require quite a complex mix of stop watch and imagination. On the other hand, if I find a sound (or record it) that matches the right speed of the guy walking, then all I need to choose is the amount of steps. I can just stick the two pictures on that timing, giving a greater impression of a guy walking. You can see what I mean in last week post, with the match or the drinking, the sound plays the biggest part in timing and understanding.

I'm using http://www.freesound.org/ the amount of sounds available is incredible! It's also the first result in google...

I don't want to spoil the final film by showing to much of the plot so I won't post the whole animatic. You will be able to access it when you buy the book. But I want people to choose the amount of Work In Progress they see.

I thought a bit of Design and References would help getting in the film's mood, plus there is some great short film in there, which can be very useful on a Monday morning .

You can see them Here if the window below doesn't work.

You need to click the full screen button to be able to access the video references.

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